Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

my h.o.l.i.d.a.y

Hello guys!!

yesterday, exactly 24-25 december 2010 me and my big family went to Puncak, cisarua bogor. there we fill a variety of fun activities. *check this out!!!

                                       HERE WE GO!!!

               we play "river rafting" was very fun, exciting, and amazing.

this is fitto's boat

this is my boat

this is yoga's boat

and the last, this is fadhil's boat

after we play river rafting. we continue to play motor crossOur clothes soiled by the mud in the arena motor cross.

it's me !!

                      after that we swim, happiness we enjoy together. Zzz

                   and then , before we go home we took some photos.

My Big Family :D

my bro, my mom, my bro, my grandma, and me

                 and the last visit of the atta'awun mosque, to pray dzuhur.

nice view

play in the waterfall

At "kebun teh"

This holiday is very impressive, I could finally enjoy it. hoping the next holiday will be more impressive.  bye..byee

see ya!! -nabila-

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